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Monolens 50 mm
Universal monocle for mirror and mirrorless cameras. Suitable for a wide range of subjects.
Клавдия Зитева | Nikon D700
Максим Саяпин | Fujifilm X-T2
Helena Normark | Sony A7II
Helena Normark | Sony A7II
Елена Самсонова | Sony A9
Александр Авилов | Canon 6D
Дмитрий Частиков | Nikon D810
Александр Авилов | Canon 6D
Владимир Константинов | Canon 6D
Елена Самсонова | Sony A9
Helena Normark | Sony A7II
Виктор Готлиб | Canon 6D
Fashion-photographer Oleg Zotov about Monolens 50 mm
This is the first monocle industrially manufactured by our team. Monolens workshop was engaged in its design and development for more than three years. As a result, we were able to create an unparalleled tool for creativity.
The main advantages of this model:
- Extremely low level of chromatic aberration
- Ergonomic body
- Easy and smooth rotation of the focus and aperture rings
- The actual scale of the aperture and the focusing distance
- 12-leaf iris aperture
Monocle Monolens 50 mm is superior to all models made of old Soviet lenses for ease of use and quality of the image.
Start of production was carried out by means of crowdfunding.
The monocle can be used both for shooting in moderately limited spaces (urban environment, not wide streets), and for shooting landscapes on vast open spaces.