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"Intro to monocle"
Periodically, we conduct classes that help photographers to quickly learn the skill of shooting a monocle.
The master class is organized as the group is formed.
Leave a request for participation and we will notify you the day before
At the master class you will gain the skill of shooting a monocle,
learn about the features of the choice of subjects,
understand the settings
Theoretical part of the lesson contains questions
History of monocles in the context of the development of photographic equipment
Artistic properties of soft optics
Features of photography by monocle
During the practical part, each photographer has the opportunity to shoot monocles of different focal lengths and clarify all the issues

Vyacheslav ZItev:

"The lesson is aimed at Amateur photographers of different levels who want to get a comprehensive picture of the creative photo lens — monocle. I will reveal all the questions that usually arise when you start shooting a monocle. At the end of the lesson, everyone will have a complete picture of this unusual lens"

Vyacheslav Zitev lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More than 9 years of experience in the manufacture of monocles for different types of cameras. His monocle takes a lot of photographers around the world.

Since 2012 — participant of many collective and several personal photo exhibitions of pictorial photography

2014 conducts classes and workshops in photography with a monocle photography schools in St. Petersburg and Moscow

In 2016, with the help of a crowd project at launched production of Monolens 50mm monocles for SLR cameras

Since 2017, he has been implementing the project "non-Modern photography" — a series of interviews with photographers and cameramen using a monocle in their work

At the current time he is working on a wide-angle soft lens — Monolens Achromat 35 mm.
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Request to master-class "Intro to monocle"
The master class is organized as the group is formed.
Leave a request for participation and we will notify you the day before
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